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--- [07/06/2015 22:00]h CEST ---
Berlin Tuesday, 07 June 2016 at 22:00:00
Wellington Wednesday, 08 June at 08:00 
Tokyo Wednesday, 08 June at 05:00 a.m.
São Paulo Tuesday, 07 June 2016 at 05:00 p.m
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
Audio recording:  Audiofile

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board 

participating: Andrew,cbj,pakki. Anders, Min
excused: Henrique

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Nikolay, Koen, Gregory
Mickey Sinclair

2 - PROCEEDINGS        

Meeting opened at 22:00 CEST by Andrew
Meeting chaired by Andrew
Secretary for this meeting is everyone
Quorum established with 3 out of 7 board members present. 
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: 22:02
Postal votes: In Loomio for proposals 1,2 and 3
Notes on meeting process
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Minutes of the last meeting  Minutes approved

YES: Andrew, cbj, pakki,Min NO:  ABSTENTIONS: 


4.1 - Short report of the board members

  • Andrew:

I sent mails re GA to the mailing lists - opened Loomio groups for GA discussions updated the wiki financial pages with paypal account - membership details - we have a new member  Worked on setting up a crowdfunding account for the GA (can we use T-shirts as a reward?). Worked with IMMI on promoting their crowd funder.

  • Chems: 
  • Henrique: 
  • Min: 
  • Patrick: organizing PPI GA: invitations, mail-adresses, speakers and stuff. Designed pics for PPI shop, but not ready to show (thumbnails for t-shirts & bags). Talked to Andrew and Jelena about planning the GA timetable. Planning to launch PPI website & shop before the GA. Talked to Sven Clement about the luxembourg bank account and still waiting for response.
  • Richard: 

== 5 - Proposal No. 1 

That we accept Karla's resignation, thank her for her service and appoint Anders Kleppe to the board.
Copy of email sent to the board
"Given  the fact that I have been struggling with health issues in the past few  months, it has become more than obvious that the best would be for me  to resign from the board. 
Please let me know if further action is required. 
Thanks everyone for you understanding and for keeping this going, 

YES: (from Loomio) Andrew Reitemeyer,pakki,Richard Hill,Nikolay Voronov , Min, cbj NO:  ABSTENTIONS:

Proposal No. 1  Reaction of vote new Treasurer needed.  Anders would like to be Treasurer

Candidate: Anders Kleppe


Voting is postponed to next meeting

== 6 - Proposal No. 2  a) That we pay the Go Daddy bill from the Paypal account (Koen)

YES: (from Loomio) Andrew Reitemeyer,pakki,Richard Hill,Koen De Voegt,Nikolay Voronov NO:  ABSTENTIONS: cbj

<s>b) We set up a recurring payment for the URL (Koen reports that this is not possible from our Paypal account - motion withdrawn)


== 7 - Proposal No. 3  That we set a fee for the GA of EUR 35 for attendees present in Berlin and a fee of EUR 35  for Parties (not individual attendees attending online).

YES: (from Loomio) Andrew Reitemeyer,pakki,Richard Hill, Min

NO: cbj ABSTENTIONS: Nikolay Voronov

motion passed

8 AOB - Any other business

This has already been discussed

General discussion about the thoughts of Josef Collentine about PPI

Issues that PPI needs to deal with

I have followed the pirate movement and PPI closely for many years and wanted to share my personal view to the new board so you have a better idea of what to deal with. I'll briefly mention different areas that I hope you will discuss and evaluate further in your board meetings.

The below mail is a subjective one with my personal opinions on what PPI needs to work on to become a functional organization again. The expressed matters are in no way endorsed or representative of how PPSE (or PT) looks upon PPI. 

  • Goals

    The goals of PPI, according to your statutes, are extremely broad.     This means PPI has a hard time giving all equal effort. Some are ignored whilst others are prioritized as more important than others by different people. If the goals you prioritize aren't aligned with what your members desire it creates discordance. e.g. a PPI board might be excellent in 'helping new parties form' but fail badly at acting as 'a contact centre for the pirate movement', established parties may see this as a task that is much more important = loss of faith in PPI despite that the board did tremendous work in reaching part of their goal.

    The board of PPI needs to either suggest a revised, more focused set of goals to the GA or be more transparent about what they are doing to reach their sub-goals in each area and why some are downprioritized.


  • pakki would like to discuss this issue rather on the general assembly to find a solution
  • Anders: we have a lack of resources, there is nothing wrong about the goals.
  • Accountability / Trust

    Acknowledge problems and deal with them. This is one of the main problems with PPI today. Too much "bad blood", personal problems and history dragging PPI down. Building up trust for the organization again is no easy task and will require extra effort to do everything right.      

  • Members that left

    There has been several members that left PPI during the past year. The last board seemed to mostly ignore this fact and pretend it didn't happen (e.g. some reports by board members don't even mention this). A proper follow-up with the members that left needs to be made. Make sure the administrative parts are up to date and make a public response to the fact that so many left + search for feedback on why they left and what needs to be done for them to come back.

  • Interaction with members

    Regular talks with your members will allow a smoother organization with more delegation and activity. Involve all relevant parts of the organization.

  • Supranational or serving members

    There has been some tendencies lately of PPI becoming a supranational organization (e.g. deciding policies that should be adopted by members instead of going from the grassroots up). The relation between PPI and their members need to be clearer. Is PPI there to serve their members or is it a way of deciding things from the top-down.

  • Pirate Visions

    A great source of inspiration for future direction of PPI and what to focus on

  • Finances

    Solve your past discrepancies and implement more transparency on finances. PPI is crippled by not having any finances and people won't give money to PPI before they fix past misstakes and implement more transparency.

  • Board does work, not members

    PPI has relied almost exclusively on the board doing most work. Optimally you should only be handling administrative tasks and some strategic decisions. PPI needs to involve members and make them want to help with tasks. This comes back to trust issues and communication with members.

  • CoA

    Imho a giant misstake by PPI. Only caused grievance and further problems since established. Board < GA < CoA ?!     Used as soon as people are disgruntled with decisions (even the ones taken at GA's) which effectively makes it the highest organ for decisions in PPI. Would recommend removing it, work to establish trust in the board to make decisions again and in extreme cases the members can invoke their ability to call an extra-ordinary GA to deal with issues that the board can't handle.

  • Statutes

    Needs some serious work. Reaction from a member of PPSE board that has a lot of experience with statutes was to laugh at the state of PPI statutes. 

  • Organizational Learning

    Without organizational memory PPI will keep inventing the wheel. Fix proper handovers between boardmembers and document work in a more organized mannner.     

  • PPI members

    There needs to be more interaction with and between members. Would also be good if some activity/interaction requirement was enforced to stay as a PPI member (e.g. participate in at least one of the two last GA's). Today the membership is bloated and harder to handle due to some inactive parties (e.g. PPKZ that doesn't seem to exist anymore yet remains a PPI member)

  • Communication

    -list of channels         There is a huge amount of mail-lists, pages and tools to keep track of for international pirate work. Curate the information and list it somewhere.      -internal         Take control of your internal communication. mail-list (not officially PPI but definitely seen as such) has been plagued by a harsh discussion culture for years and there is not much productive happening there anymore. Your forum is dead. Wiki is only partly used.  -> not much internal communication happening between PPI members.     -external         Make better use of your front-page at Start posting what PPI is doing and put a positive spin to it. Pirate Times will keep reporting but only objectively and when considered "news". You need to establish your own channels for communication as well. Would recommend your front-page and possibly a monthly newsletter.

  • PPI / PPI HQ

    Most of your members are probably not even aware of PPI HQ. You need to be more transparent about this relationship between the two organizations and why it is needed. Explain in simple English and publish information about it.     

  • pakki is going to set up an invitation via mailing lists (ppi & leaders list) for discuss those issues on coming tuesday at 10pm CEST in Mumble NRW.

The mumble meeting dates (of PPI) are too hard to find.  Why is it so difficult for pirates to clearly put simple informations on  a PUBLIC AND VISIBLE agenda ? ought to be the place

Yeah ! That what i ask : why the mumble meeting dates (of PPI) don't appear on the agenda/calendar ?     

9 PPI Bank account

A statute change is needed to clear up the position between PPI HQ and PPI so that no suspisions of illegal activity can be entertained.

== 10 PPI GA 2016 ==

One Pad is given, Phone contact with Jezz is established. We need to invite Press etc. We asked for help, esp. Chair, Minute takers etc. Tech, Streaming, catering, security

If changes arrives: no change of date!
  • Scouting of pirate party "delegates" (call for Mumble meeting) -  possible dates: 20:00(proposed)
  • 19th june
  • 26th june
  • 3rd july
  • 10th july
  • 17th july
  • Fallback: email communication
  • Online delegates / proxy voting / Howto

Wordpress setup: - Gregory sets it up, pakki is going to build a small blog with information and schedule of ppi ga

After GA we should hold a "post mortum" to protocol what went well and what mistakes to avoid for the next GA - feedback pad Couch Surfing Berlin @Ideenwanderer

11 - Proposal No. 4

That we record votes from alternate members and those working in significant postions e.g. finance and PR in anticipation of a change to the board structure after the next GA

YES:  Andrew, Gregory Engels, Nikolay Voronov,Min,Anders, pakki,cbj NO:  ABSTENTIONS:

motion passed


  • Pirate Summer July 30th - Aug 07th  2016 in Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland supported by 42 e.V. and PWB.

12 Proposal no. 5

That PPI supports Pirate Summer 2016 in all ways possible YES: Andrew, Nikolay Voronov, pakki, Anders, Gregory NO:  ABSTENTIONS:

motion passed

I recommend PPI send official ultimatum to pp-fr (cause pp-fr s*cks hard) : rephrase please ? PP-fr don't give a buck about PPI (shame on pp-fr)


Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2015-06-21 22:00 CEST (20:00 GMT) Meeting Closed: 23:22 CEST (21:22 UTC/GMT)  by Andrew