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--- [12/02/21:00]h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
Audio recording:

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bailey, Ray, Mike, Keith, Etienne, Ladislav

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Cédric Levieux, Kitty


Meeting opened at 21:08 CEST by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Etienne
Quorum established with 6 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: No record, the bot is down. We are running test on Discord.
Postal votes:
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  • Minutes of the last meeting
YES: Ray, Etienne, Bailey, Mike, Kitty, Ladislav
Minutes approved? Minutes approved
Ray : Keith signaled that Kitty should vote on his behalf because he is not able to do so.
Bailey : Ok noted on the minutes


4.1 - Short report of the board members 1)

  • Board:
  • Guillaume: absent
  • Bailey: Rico Brouwer from the Utrecht Pirate Party (PPNL) approached Ray and I about PPI collaborating on a project with them. The project is about political prisoners in Catalonia and raising awareness about their trials in January 2019...if you've been following the situation there, you probably know that a lot of activists and elected officials from Catalonia have faced repression and imprisonment by the Spanish government for holding an independence referendum. This is not about anyone's stance on Catalan independence but about the right to self-determination. The point is to use the global Pirate network to spread information that the media is largely ignoring. We published Rico's message to all Pirates on our website:
  • Keith: Working on our working groups for affiliation fees and conferences, i am also trying to prepare a grant request through unhq. I am hoping to hear more about grants from unog that guillaume and bjorn should update us on. Also, i plan to attend the psc meeting sometime soon and wait to hear about that from alex kohler.
  • Ladislav: Had TT4 discussion with Keith and Mike; started steps towards participations of PPI in the next ECOSOC meeting (mid Februrary 2019) - registration by January 2019.
  • Mike: Worked wth Keith and Ladislav on the TT4 proposition for the PPCZ board, along with other tasks on the same subject (Keith's work group), and an e-mail draft for our members concerning the affiliation fees (my work group) both will be dealt with in detail below. Also introduced by Keith to the intricacies of being a treasurer and to all the tables and pages on the topic. :-)
  • Etienne : The Rules of procedures for the Statutes Revision Standing committee are ready. I'll prepare an e-mail for the pp-leaders asking to register their delegates before the end of the month.The goal is to organize the first meeting before the 15th of January. The date will be imposed for this first meeting and after we'll set up a calendar according to the geofraphical situation of the delegates. The goal is to use meeting only to finalize the asynchronous discussions that will be hold on Discourse and (I hope) on Congressus too.

--> New contact email for PPFR : international[at]

  • Alternates:
  • Daniel : Absent
  • Gregory: Absent
  • Kitty Nothing to report at this time.
  • Cédric Levieux : Waiting from Bastian for some credential on the Congressus VM, we miss the pgp key ciphering process (wrong/old key used). Communication problem, that's all.

5 - Proposal No. 1

  • Updates from Working Groups
    • PSC
Bailey and Keith are waiting for the meeting invitation from the PSC team. We were told that we would hear about this at the beginning of December so it should be any day now.
Keith : Go PSC. I also heard that the deadline for submissions to speak at psc will probably be extended. So there is still time to make submissions.
    • TT4
Letter from PPI to PPCZ
Current Proposal of the Letter

"Dear Board of the Czech Pirate Party,

We propose the continuation of the Think Twice Conference (TT4) to take place in Prague during the fall of 2019. Initial brainstorming discussions were held with relevant stakeholders, and there is positive feedback about this proposal. This letter represents an informal proposal to be approved by your board, which will allow us to commence planning of the event. Please feel free to share this document with your colleagues, as we wish to collaborate and receive feedback about structuring this event. The ideas presented below represent our initial pitch, and we will revise them accordingly. The following letter includes notes from the brainstorming session conducted by our current initial committee, which is composed of requests for support.

I. Planning Committee: We plan to establish a committee with three subcommittees (below) to spearhead the organization of the event. We encourage the Czech Pirate Party to spread the word amongst its members to join the Planning Committee.

Within the committee we will require three subcommittees: 1) The academic committee, 2) The technical support group, and 3) The logistics team

1) The academic committee will review submissions, decide on which submissions are accepted, provide written correspondence to speakers, moderate panel discussions, and organize the written submissions into publishable proceedings.

2) The technical support group will be in charge of recording equipment, streaming the conference online, setting up microphones, speakers, etc.,

3) The logistics team will coordinate human resources, fundraising, finances, press releases, translations, the details such as name tags, and all other matters to facilitate a smooth conference.

The following people are the current Committe Members on behalf of the PPI: Michal Gill, Ladislav Koubek, Keith Goldstein, Gregory Engels, Koen De Voegt

II. Content: We request recommendations about content, which will be debated by the TT4 Planning Committee in conjunction with the boards of PPCZ and PPI.

III. Facilities: We are considering the venue and facilities necessary for this event. We consider using the new Pirate Center opened in downtown Prague, which could be used for the smaller events (capacity approx 60-80 people). As in previous TT events, we are also considering a large one day event that will be open to the public, which would be held at a larger venue or public space that should be arranged. Considerations about the venues will be made in line with the initial financing procured for the event, along with the number of registrations received for speakers and attendees. (Ladislav: Keith, Mike I would like to speak with you regarding the wording of this paragraph prior to Mike sending it.)

We would appreciate any input on the topics mentioned in this letter and above all, we hope for your general approval of the event to even take place in your country. We are convinced that an established international conference of this kind will benefit both the Czech Pirate Party as well as the PPI.


The Board of PPI"

Ray: So, I don't think board are the place to do working on wordings. We should ready the document before hand and do the work before board meeting.
Bailey : If there is no objection, we won't proceed to a vote.
No objections
Mike is in charge of sending the email to Marketa.

  • Member mailing lists
Ray: I am forming a standing committee that will deal with this in the long term.
  • Finances
Ray: No report expected as we just starting working as a board. We need to watch our economy and to report to the board the state of our finances regulary.
Mike : I do not have acces to the accounts yet. But next meeting, I'll try to have a short report next week.
Bailey : Do you have access to the bank informations?
Mike : Keith is helping me on that matter.
  • Affiliation fees
Letter from our Treasurer about final collection under old rules of 2017 (due in 2018)
Instructions about the new rules for the members about 2018 (due in 2019)
  • E-mail concerning the affiliation fees:

Dear Pirate friends,

At the last meeting of the Board of PPI elected me to be the new Treasurer. As such, it is now my responsibility, among other things, to oversee collection of affiliation fees. Therefore, I'm sending you this e-mail with three requests:

1) Affiliation fees that are due to paid before the end of 2018

As the year is now nearing to its end, I would like to ask you, if its in your party's financial means, to pay the affiliation fees for the past year. These fees were calculated according to the old system. The amount owed can be found in the column named "50€^HDI = Basic" in the last table on this link: (for example in the case of Austria these fees 32.90 €). The only two parties that have already paid for 2017 are Germany and the Czech Republic, to whom go my thanks. Please note that these fees are referred to as 2017, as we collect fees the following year.

Affiliation fee payments can be made by the following means: 1) Bank transfer, Pirate Parties International, Case postale 36, 1188 Gimel IBAN: CH63 0900 0000 8901 9371 7 BIC: POFICHBEXXX Geneve, Switzerland

2) Bitcoin Exchange transfer, AA93 N84G Z6LC C7VQ Key: Fd8AUrJOTFtSv+qUQu6nXo4Rn8q83oqvHlP1sng/s832KHLl2X2DVmKj

3) PayPal

2) Affiliation fees that are due to be paid before the end of 2019

As the PPI nearly constantly operates with a backlog of unpaid fees on the income side of the budget, I wish to start early by announcing the fees due for next year. If the means of your party allow, please, do try to send the fees as soon as you can during the 2019, it will surely help us. Thank you. The last General Assembly introduced (on Nov 10th of this year) a new model of calculating the fees, so here it is:

- Mature members should pay 1000 euros. (Mature members are established members that also receive regular state funding, have elected officials at state or regional level, and/or have elected officials at local level who receive compensation; fulfilling at least two criteria.)

- Established members should pay 185 euros. (Established members are emerging members that also have paying members and run for elections on a regular basis.)

- Emerging members should pay 50 euros. (Emerging members are nascent members that also collect donations.)

- Nascent members would pay 0 euros. (Nascent members have regular statutory activities, such as general assemblies and run activism projects.)

In addition, an optional 2% cap of the national party's budget was introduced, meaning for example that if the 2018 income of a party was 10.000€, and it otherwise would fall under the "Mature" category, that party can opt to pay only 200€. In case your party plans to opt for the 2% cap, please contact me so I can approve your party's budget information.

3) Updating contact information

Finally, every member party of the PPI is listed in our contact list with certain contact details. We have a problem that these contact details often become obsolate as party leaders and emails change. I would therefore like to ask you to send me the following current information:

- primary contact email to which you'll receive all communications from the PPI - primary telephone - current postal address (if available) - link to your party's homepage - social media accounts (FB and Twitter, or other relevant contact) - emails of members who should be included in our Pirate Leaders email list

If you'd like to provide additional backup contacts, I will also be most grateful.

Thank you for your support,

Michal Gill Treasurer of PPI

Comment from Ray: I see no problem in asking for contact information in this mail. It should be done almost every time we are in touch with our members. The Standing committee I am preparing will end up with us being able to send them a link to update their own data themselves.
Etienne : It's fine for me
Bailey : Me too
Keith: Should we include the third part of contact information in this email? About affiliation fees?
Mike: I'd say so, so collecting of the fees is not impeded by slow collection of information by other means (the work group for that). Since I'm sending the e-mail, there's no reason for not asking for main contact e-mail.
Bailey : If there is not objections, we won't proceed to a vote.
Mike : please check the tiers part to see if it is understandable
Ray : General comment. I do not want to spend my meeting to read email. The two examples from today do not need review during a meeting. Email project may be share outside the meeting for review. Only controversial email have to be reviewed during Board Meeting.
  • Fundraising
Nothing to report.
  • GA feedback survey
Keith will prepare one in LimeSurvey. Please consider ideas of questions we should ask.
  • Members meeting
First one will happen January 19th and then the 3rd Saturday of each month going forward; 8 PM CET on Mumble
Mike: Mumble? (Yes) (beurk +1)
Bailey : Mumble for now and we'll see if we need to change later.
Motion passed/failed

6 AOB - Any other business

  • IT Cost
Mike : There's a conversation in Discord chat on the topic of IT cost
Ray : We had a conversation on Wire about the IT costs.
Cedric : I'd like to be in the loop about IT cost. (We will bring everyone in on it, but I have noted your special interest. ;=))
  • Business cards
Nothing to report

Next Meeting: Monday, 12-17-2018 at 21:00 CEST (20:00 UTC) ON DISCORD ! Meeting Closed: 21:56 CEST (20:56 UTC)