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--- 12.5.2021 12:00 UTC/14:00 CEST ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming, recording

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bailey, Gregory, Mike, Bastian, Keith, Manuel

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: JiYong
participating: Tan Siret


Meeting opened at 12:00 UTC by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with (6 out of 9) board members present.
Streaming started: started
Recording started: 12:00 UTC
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process: none


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Bastian, Keith, Bailey, Manuel
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Mike, Gregory


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)


  • Keith: The situation in Israel and Palestine is not too good at the moment. I tried to set up a SCURVY meeting for blockchain development. We had participation problems. I do believe that our organization should embrace certain policies regarding blockchain. I'm going to focus on our ECOSOC Quadrennial report that is due next month.
  • Dario: <He is excused. He sent a message.>
  • Bastian:
All the financial information I have is on the PPI wiki. But I need access to the bank account as soon as possible. #Groundhog
I took care of the PPI tech as I do every day. All systems are running fine, necessary updates are made. ;-)
Congressus VM should be shut down because no one cares about maintenance anymore.
  • Manuel: I am currently between exams at university, so I haven't been able to keep up to date with my pending responsibilities in the Whatsapp report and the RoP compilation. I was able to participate in the redaction of the ECOSOC PPIHQ Statement, which was successful. I am also keeping in contact with the Chilean Pirate Party in order to guide them through the Statute ammendments and motions submission for the upcoming General Assembly.
  • Mike: Nothing to report.
  • Gregory: I got my second vaccine 5 days ago (and am busy traveleing because of it) - I also have been starting busy for the upcoming Bundestag elections (September 25th) - I have been selected to be the focal point for the WS6 Session of EURODIG (the "copyright" session), and I welcome everyone who like to contribute to the session in the organizers group. The IGF Submissions is due on May 28th. We also should consider hosting a virtual booth at EURODIG, since they are using the system this year, that allows for visual representation of the "village booth" that people can actually interact with. Also started to looking into Google Ad Grant again, because if we do not use it, they will take it away again.
  • Dan: -
  • Carlos: -
  • Bailey:


  • Svein: -
  • Ji Yong: - Looking for other parties that want to join an order for rainbow Pirate flags. We can order them cheap from China, but uncertainty about environmental and workforce impact, we decided to go with a Dutch supplier. But we need to order a minimum of 1000 flags, to get a reasonable price.
  • Thomas: -

5.1 - Proposals

  • Issue: PPI Website
Submitted by: Tan Siret Akıncı - PPTR
Justification: I think that the website of Pirate Parties International may need a cosmetic update and mediawiki needs to be upgraded/modified.
Motions: Organizing a web team to update front-end and upgrade dynamic web apps to their newest possible versions.

  • Issue: Patent Waiving Campaign
  • Resolution - take it to the media group and see what the recommendation is. The website is running a current version and had a quite recently a a new theme with modern features. The Wiki skin is not responsive enough, so there could be some improvement.
Submitted by: Tan Siret Akıncı - PPTR
Justification: We are locked down for more than a year. Many people face harsh times, but socially and economically due to the incapacity of governments vaccinating people and managing the pandemic. The greedy companies still care about the profit they get from vaccines and people, especially on poor countries, can't access to it.
Motions: Making a campaign against vaccine patents by partecipation of pirate parties, criticizing governments' and companies' greed.
  • Issue: Mediatorship between 2 PPTRs
Justification: Current state of pirate politics in Turkey in not bright. As I have stated before, the recognized PPTR is idle for more than half a decade and its incompetence creates a big problem for us as the pirate-related circles aren't interested in this movement after all years of inactivity and current separatism makes it look like we can't even solve stuff in our organization. In fact, the leader of the big but idle PPTR twitter account doesn't engage in any discussion whatsoever to make any step on solving the unsuccesful heritage of past PPTR experience. I think its normal that he doesn't respond us cuz we are sort of splinters. In fact I wasn't even in the old PPTR due to the fact that it doesn't even exists in the past 6 years. It seems like I complain from a biased point and its actually the case on this topic. If the holder of old PPTR property shows up, then he can maybe explain his part of events and we can engage in some actual discussion.
Motions: Inviting Şevket Uyanık of old PPTR and Tan Siret Akıncı of new PPTR to engage in discussion under mediatorship of PPI to solve splinter issue to finally start organizing pirate politics in Turkey.

5.1.1. General Assembly

  • Vote for the event days:
19th June - Mike, Bailey
26th June - Keith, Bailey, Bastian
3rd July - Keith, Manuel, Mike, Bailey, Bastian
10th July- Keith, Bailey, Mike (if need be), Manuel, Bastian
17th July - Keith, Bailey, Manuel, Mike - (Pirate Summer Camp)
24th July- Keith, Manuel, Bailey, Mike - (Pirate Summer Camp)
Bastian: We should send an e-mail to members that July 3 is the board preference and give the members a chance to "protest". If there's no "protest" until 22nd of May, the date is confirmed.
Mike: I'll send it out the minute we finish this discussion. -sent
Bailey: July 3rd will probably be our GA date based on the input that we've got.
  • Video-/audio platform ?? Mainly Mumble and a video conference in addition for those who want to use it.
Justification: Mumble is very easy to use, produces fast voting results and requires very little bandwidth.
Is the PPI Board in favour of using Mumble as the platform for the upcoming General Assembly?
15yes.png Yes : Mike, Manuel, Bailey, Keith, Bastian
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: motion passed

5.2 - Working Groups Update

  • SCENE (campaigning): upcoming meeting about pirate times will be decided on today
  • SCULL (internal processes)
  • SCURVY (party finances): blockchain issue will be discussed at the GA
  • SCUBA: ECOSOC quadrennial report due June 2021
  • Joint PPI-PPEU Working Group: nothing currently, other than GDPR issue

5.3 Economic Update

Membership fees-ongoing (bring up at GA)


ECOSOC quadrennial report due June 2021, Keith is emailing us a pad

5.5 PPI HQ update

No news

6 AOB - Any other business

Next Pirate Beer May 28th, 2021 21:00 CEST

  • Next Meeting: 02.06.2021, 12:00 UTC/14:00 CEST/08:00 EDT
  • Meeting Closed: 16:11