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--- 24.1.2023 15:00 UTC/16:00 CET ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Bailey, Keith, Alexander, Manuel, Mike (from 16:05), Mauricio (from 16:30)
unexcused: Dario,
Quorum: reached

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: Bastian, Veronika (from 16:30)
unexcused: Adam, Ji-Yong
participating: Numero6


Meeting opened at 15:03 UTC by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with 5 (out of 9) board members present.
Streaming started: started
Recording started: 10:XX UTC
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process: none


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Gregory,Bailey, Keith, Manuel, Alexander,Mike, Bastian
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: minutes are approved


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)


  • Bailey Lamon: I have worked on the GA Agenda, started the pad for the board report.
  • Gregory Engels: I have finished writing my master paper, and was relaxing since then. I have submitted a session proposal for RightsCon on the advance of the generative AI applications and their implication on copyright.
  • Mike Gill: Not much to report, just sent out one e-mail urging members to submit delegates and letting us know if they'll be coming in person. No responses.
  • Carlos Polo
  • Keith L. Goldstein: I discussed the GA with my party. We will have a couple representatives at least. I wrote messages for the UN groundspasses. We need to get Bailey enrolled as president and to process those passes ASAP. Today I would like us to confirm the groundspass holders for each UN site. I add that as a motion.
  • Alexander Isavnin: Nothing to report, longer holidays and recovery. Just reminded Gregory about submission to RightsCon
  • Manuel Caicedo: I worked on the pending budget proposal. I apologize for the delay. Let me know anything that needs to be revised within it. I got the recent bank statements from Gregory, as well as the tax receipts, thank you for that. I started sending out the 2021 invoices, so we can go ahead and pay our debts ASAP. I'm working now on the GA Treasury Report. Talked with Keith about the crypto transfer: if the PPI's PayPal account is linked to the main bank account, then we can do a more direct transfer and settle the issue. On national news, PPCL is going through a statues revamp, together with other bylaws, targeting an eventual registration campaign.
  • Dario Castane
  • Mauricio Vargas: I spoke with the Brasilian Pirates about the Bolsonarista uprising. I aksed them about the GA. I didn't get a response if they'll show up (upgrade, they will do their best to attend).


  • Ji Yong Dijkhuis
  • Veronika Murzynová nothing to
  • Adam Wolf
  • Sebastian Krone
I monitored the PPI tech, as I do every day.
All patches are up-to-date. All systems are running smoothly.
PPI Wiki (Finance) is up to date.
Internationally, I work the campaign "Rescue without Borders" - We want to buy a ship to support sea rescue in the Mediterranean. The sponsor is the association "Pirates without Borders". At the moment, money is being collected for the investment in the purchase and donations for the ongoing operation. We already collected 5,000.00 EUR

5.1 - Proposals

Issue: Last call before the GA; we're still lacking in delegates as per usual Submitted by: Mike Justification: The (in person part of the) GA is in peril once again Motion:

The physical, in person part of the January 2023 GA is to be cancelled, due to the lack of registrations by delegates.
Shall we cancel the in-person, Prague part of the GA?
15yes.png Yes : Mike, Gregory, Alexander,Bailey, Manuel
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Keith, Bastian
Result: Motion carries

Mike: I'll let know personally the two guys who actually planned to come.

5.2 - Working Groups Update

No news.

5.3 Economic Update

Budget proposal for the 2023 to be presented to the GA
Manuel: I only need to clarify the status of the fine from Belgium.
*Budget to be presented at the GA
* Link to the proposal: also uploaded to PPI Nextcloud
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No : No objections.
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :
Result: The budget proposal as linked above will be presented at the GA to the Members.


Issue: Groundspasses for UN centers Submitted by: Keith Justification: We are already at the end of January and our reps. should be attending events. This is the first year that UN activities should be back running normally on site. Motion: Vote on approving each of the representatives. We have several people who requested temporary passes, but I dont' think we need to vote on that, as the administrative chair of each center is in charge of distributing those passes of which there is less scarcity. We get 9 temporary passes of 1 to 3 months for NY.

List of those requesting annual groundspasses.

Vienna (President, CAO, 5 Reps.) CAO- Mike Gill Rep.-Svein Mork Dahl Rep.-Alexander Kohler Rep.-Linda Torklep Rep.- ???

Geneva (President, CAO, 1 Main Rep., 4 Reps.) CAO- Gregory Engels Main Rep.- Carlos Polo Rep.- Fabian Rousseau Rep.- Pat Maehler? Rep.- ???

NY (President, CAO, 5 reps.) CAO- Keith Goldstein Rep.- Liz Gorski Rep.- Ohad Shem Tov Rep.- Ohad Bar Siman Tov Rep.- April Bar Siman Tov? ???

Bailey is automatically needed to be enrolled at all 3.

The CAO is in charge of each location. The CAO will authorize the reps. and receive the letter from Bailey to obtain the groundspasses.
15yes.png Yes :
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain :

5.5 PPI HQ update

We have tested our new mailbox . Address is CH-1200 Geneva.
So we can now start the next step to register the headquarter in the form of a foreign association in Germany.

6 AOB - Any other business

We need to reach out to the members, especially those who have been gone or with whom we have had tensions, and try to get them to attend the GA. Keith will send the contact list on Wire.
  • Next Meeting: 14.02.2023, 20:00 UTC/21:00 CET/15:00 EST
  • Meeting Closed: 16:09 UTC