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--- 26.03.2024 09:00 UTC/10:00 CET ---
Audio recording:

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory (arriving late), Keith, Sebastian, Mia, Alexander, Bailey

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: PiratesOnAir, Numero6


Meeting opened at 09:14 UTC by Keith
Meeting chaired by Keith until Gregory arrives
Secretary for this meeting is everyone
Quorum [not] established with 5 out of 9 board members present.
Streaming started: ?
Recording started: ?
Postal votes: ?
Votes delegated (§5 Votes (5. 3.) ROP):
Notes on meeting process: ?


Do we approve the minutes?
Yes : Keith, Mia, Alexander, Bastian, Gregory
No :
Abstain : Bailey
Result: Minutes approved


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)


  • Gregory Engels:
I have sent the financial statements to Bastian, started the process to get the new treasurer the power of attorney to the Postfinance account. Busy with some EU-election activities in Germany. I couldn't attend the AI group, but I am glad that is happening.
  • Keith Goldstein:
I participated and helped organize the second AI working group. I put up some more blog posts and have been trying to collaborate with our interns. It would be great if we could encourage more people to contribute content. I would like to visit the Berlin PP office and try to make that a base of operations for PPI here.
  • Bailey Lamon: I have been involved with the Canada group where we are in the early stages of getting PP Canada going again. We are still in the communication stage, which is going along well. I wanted to go to the AI working group. It would be really cool to find out when the next one is. I am interested. I would like to write some blogs. I want to get involved I just don't know what that looks like.
  • Alexander Isavnin:
observed Russian electronic voting, made statements on intransparency of Russian Presidential Elections.
Maybe we should plan UN working group meeting to discuss what we will do at the IGF.
I currently have some battery issues.
I am at a memorial service for Mr. Navalny and it took longer than expected.
  • Sebastian Krone:
I have monitored the PPI technology as I do every day.
All patches are up-to-date. All systems are running smoothly.
I have asked several times to see the contract for data processing by a processor (Art. 28.3 GDPR) regarding our Discourse hosted by Stefan Thöni, which we use. When will this happen?
No access to bank accounts until now. :-(
Establishment of a new organization that can take over the headquarters if it is entered in the register. See under 5.5. later
  • Mlemt:
  • Maycow Toledo:
  • Julian Häfner:
  • Mia Utz:
Involved in prepairing the EU election campaign here in Berlin too. Could not make it to the AI working group meeting. Sorry. Will try next time.
After 12 o'clock anytime is fine to come to the Berlin office. It is open everyday and has place available.


  • Raman Ojha:
  • Carlos Polo:
  • Thomas Gaul

5.1 - Proposals

Gregory: We need to start talking about the next PPI conference, real life meeting. I have been asked by Alex from Switzerland, who has an article about the website for digital human rights, a referendum that was signed in Geneva, which we also made a workshop session about at the IGF 3 years ago. He was in contact with Wikileaks which would like to be in contact with us about having a session at our next conference. Do we do a Think Twice Conference or some other platform? We need some logistic considerations and to start the process earlier, so we can have something around the end of summer (6 months time). I would like to start this process, and I am open to suggestions. Is it more good to have a Pirate conference, or should we have Think Twice? We should have it after European elections.
Bailey: I think it is a good idea to start planning, either way it needs to be a hybrid event. I'm not opposed to having an in person thing.
Keith: Where do we want to have the meeting?
Gregory: I would like to put out a call for hosts. Another option would be to have it near a major event, such as the IGF.
Gregory will send out a mail to pp-leaders asking for hosts.

5.2 - Working Groups Update

Takeover from the previous board meeting:
Form committee to reach out to other ECOSOC NGOs about forming relations.
AI: We will find out the next time for the AI working group meeting. We discussed having on a weekday.
UN Working Group: Keith will send an email about setting up this meeting.

5.3 Economic Update

  • Treasurer Report:
Sebastian: He is putting the bank accounts into the wiki in the next few days. Other than that there is no news from the bank scene. All of the statements are normal, no complaints.
Gregory: Paid some invoices that we had. I was asking for a date that we need to find.


Takeover from the previous board meeting:
Youth Forum, it will be in April. We need to be ready for announcements to present.
Vienna Ground Passes
IGF workshop proposals till 30 April

5.5 PPI HQ update

Bastian: We will found a German organization. If it is registered, then we come back to the PPI board and we will make a plan to take over the headquarters from Belgium. We need a registered by an official court in Germany if we want to do that in Germany. Even the economic sector, if we want to sell merchandise, since we are organized for tech things, I won't discuss it today. I took a sample, a template, and then we go to the authorities and register. If everything is fine then we can investigate it. We need 7 people, mostly from Germany, who can found that organization. We can do all of the meetings online. I am optimistic that we can have that finished by the end of June.
Keith: What do we have to do for our UN membership, which is listed in Belgium. ECOSOC won't exempt this. We have the Belgian issues, which I don't want to touch. The best thing is to register in Europe. Transferring the new data might be easy. I don't think the ECOSOC administration will make a big investigation.

6 AOB - Any other business

Another Pirate Security Conference - Online is expected to take place on 11.05.2024.
We decided to make a spin off of the last conference. Maybe we work with another organization. We have 4 or 5 speakers already. We will do a mix between German and English, because we have a lot of people in Germany who are keen on the panels but do not speak English.
Bailey: I want to point out that Julian Asange's final judgment is coming today on whether he gets extradited to the US.
Keith: This would be a great topic for a blog.
Keith: I don't have an update from Twitter.
Bailey: I will send the Twitter and help you.
Gregory: We should have a BDSM (Buddies Doing Social Media) working group. I also don't have access to Twitter account. We should make sure that we update everyone there and other channels. We should make sure that we collaborate with the volunteers, as some of them wanted to help with social media. It isn't just the Twitter password.

Can I ask for someone who will organize the Pirate Social Media meeting.

Bailey: I can look into organizing that in the next couple weeks. I can also set up a Doodle poll. We can send it out to other chats, a FB group, Telegram, and other locations.

Tuesdays every 3 Weeks, rotating between 9:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC
  • Next Board Meeting: 16.04.2024 14:00 UTC
  • Meeting Closed: 09:48 UTC by Keith