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  • --- 22/07/2014 20:00h CEST ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-07-22

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Gregory, Bastian, Stathis, Koen, Anders

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Yasin
Guests: Collentine, Tomasz, Andrew Reitemeyer


Meeting opened at 20:22 CEST by Koen
Meeting closed at xx:xx CEST by
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: All of us
Quorum established with 6 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: 20:22 via Dichter
Postal votes: yes

Results of the postal votes

  • 1. Registration of the new PPI board and the PPI HQ judicial body. Suggestion for decision:
"For this boards elected period all ordinary board members are appointed members of the PPI HQ body. PPI HQ is a formal body needed to adapt to local laws and regulations for international non-profit organisations. Thomas Gaul is in a previous meeting appointed General Secretary of PPI HQ and some board members are appointed as part of the official PPI HQ body."
yes: Stathis, Anders, Masa, Thomas, Bastian, Koen (6)
no: Gregory, (1)
abstain: (0)
alternates: Yasin: Yes
Comment Gregory: no need to do this, it is already handled and on the way. doing now a new assembly of the HQ and writing new minutes etc would only slow down everything and is contra productive.
  • 2. Proposed decision:
"Open a new bank account registered to PPI HQ (AISBL) to ease the transfer of the funds of the account from board to board after each GA. For this board the bank accounts can be handled (as procurators) by Sebastian Krone, Koen De Voegt and Maša Čorak, each of them alone when needed on behalf of PPI and PPI HQ. The bank account should be in an international bank as board members will be from different parts of the world in the future and to ease the transfer of the rights to use the bank accounts for their purposes the bank accounts has to be registered in the name of PPI HQ with the organisation number (VAT-number) BE 0845.017.775. New boards will then only need to register new board members and appointed PPI HQ members, and changes if statutes if any, with Belgium authorities to get access to PPI funds and bank accounts."
yes: Stathis, Anders, Masa, Thomas, Bastian, Koen (6)
no: Gregory, (1)
abstain: (0)
alternates: Yasin: Yes
Comment Gregory: Thomas Gaul is statutory the one who needs to be in the access of any bank accounts, as he is the Secretary of the PPI HQ in his role as PPI’s CAO. By allowing your suggestion to pass we would make it impossible for a bank to open an account for us, since it would contradict the statutes. (and yes, they do read and check those little details)
  • 3. In order to get sponsors, donations and other financial means to be able to keep PPI's side of the agreement in time for the conference the following board decision is suggested:
"Sebastian Krone gets the permission to open a bank account on behalf of the ThinkTwice conference immediately handling as a minimum EUROs and Turkish Lira. The bank account will be opened in Germany and will be available in Turkey as well. Sebastian Krone and Dr. Arif Yıldırım will have full rights (act as procurators) to sign each of them alone to cover expenses on PPI's hand during the preparations of the conference, during the conference and after the conference. The PPI board must be held informed on a regular basis about the status of the account(s).
Larger amounts has to be cleared with at least half of the TT214 PPI Organizing Team before spending. Costs that are already accepted in board meetings, and discussions in board channels, as needed to arrange the conference can be used by the two procurators when needed.
A full expense sheet is to be published after the conference and presented to the board and all PPI members.
yes: Stathis, Anders, Masa, Thomas, Koen (5)
no: Gregory, (1)
abstain: Bastian (1)
alternates: Yasin: Yes
One vote is missing but all three have been accepted. An additional vote from Arif as alternate member of the board (yes on all three) has been noted.
Comment Gregory: I would love to see the account to be opened in Germany or somewhere else, I however object to give Dr. Arif Yildirim procuration of this account. It can all be handled through standard invoice process, so that the transparency and accountability could be maintained.
Gregory: also, according to my memory, Yasin Aydin was elected as alternate Member of the board, Arif did not stand in the election, I find it somewhat confusing receiving an email from Arif with votes as "alternate member"…
Yasin: Gregory, can you please explain the situation? On PPI-GA, I have talked to Arif via email and he said he was in the GA only for visiting. I also have voted yes, as an elected alternate board member.

3 Short Reports

  • Bastian:
Still working on the bank account. The Pirate Party Germany will give us a sub-account (available as a trustee).
Bank account for the TT 14 commissioned.
Otherwise kindergarten. Unfriendly mails and letters processed.
All problems with PPI registration discussed with K. Rapatinski (BE and DE -lawyer).
Done the part with the GA2015.Routine stuff.
Gregory: Minor administrative tasks on the servers.
Koen: Executed PPI HQ registration as decided by postal vote
Anders: TT214, got Julia confirmed, Smári is confirmed if the conference is able to pay his travel expenses and one night stay in Istanbul. Birgitta will confirm any time this week. Has been producing abstracts on her behalf after a long talk to her. She will write one abstract herself. I will contact her again latest tomorrow to see if she is ready and able to speak at TT214. Worked with suggestions to solve urgent issues related to TT214 both on speakers and sponsors and donators to finance the conference for what is needed from PPI's hand.
Stathis: I participated in organizing a meeting between 15 Greek parties and movements in Athens an initiative of PP-GR. Now working on the 2nd meeting (to be held tomorrow). Also, I participated remotely in real life meeting of the Board in London

4 Real life meeting in London

  • Is there a need for a further fire drill?
Will the audio recordings be published? preferably as always on (Gregory can assist in that)
Thomas: London was very expensive. Since everything is payed personally by individual board member, should we ever be organizing an in person meeting, we should do it somewhere much cheaper. And we should try to organize another one, as we had a lot left on our agenda. we should aim for september/november.
Koen: I think we could do the same work, if we would just meet online more often.
Thomas: we still should meet face to face, since it is more productive and there are less chances for building up misunderstanding and negative energy.
Gregory: The board members had to pay ~300 GBP just for the meeting places, this probably could have been avoided in other parts of the word. But generally I support the idea of another physical meeting.
  • Motion Thomas: Not to decide today on a date or place to meet, but on the fact to meet again this year after the #TT14.2 Next meeting then decide on the date and place to meet.
  • Counter-motion Anders: we wait for the PPEU board to decide when their meeting in Brussels will be. this will be decided on the next PPEU board meeting (that is on the same time as the PPI Meeting)
(this is contered by Thomas: PPI should focus on its own stuff, as should do PPEU)
Anders withdraw his motion.
  • Vote on motion from Thomas:
yes: Gregory, Thomas, Bastian, Stathis
no: Koen, Anders
Alternate opinion:
Alternates: Yasin: Yes
  • Result: motion passed.

5 General Assembly 2014

  • sixth aftermath
nothing to discuss. The financial situation will be discussed in AI9

6 Request for membership data

The member had been asked for certain data. These are still being collected.
Request: PP-AU formally requests the document of up-to-date contact details for all PPI members that was recently collated by the PPI board.
A procedure needs to be established as data per se are to be handled with greatest care etc.
discussion leed to an agreement to get an opt-in agreement from the people representing the Members.
list of PPI Members: and
We can publish official data of our members (pirate parties), only.
Personal data can be published with consent of the individuals, only.
Members shall allow expliciately which data are allowed to be published to whom and where.
(According to EU data protection act.
  • Votes:
yes Thomas, Gregory, Stathis, Koen, Anders, Bastian
  • Result: Motion passed.
Responsible: Thomas has the job :)

7 Second ThinkTwice conference

Anders: we have five submissions, last time I checked. We have Smari, if we could afford to reimburce his travel.
PP-NO and YP-NO are willing to give interest free loans to the ThinkTwice2 Conference in Istanbul at € 1.000,- each, in total € 2.000,- to use for expenses for TT214. The loans will formally be given to PPI/PPI HQ and only after PPI/PPI HQ have official bank accounts connected to a registered organisation as required by the statutes.
Both PP-NO and YP-NO will confirm the offers in emails to the board some time this evening, latest tomorrow. YP-NO has promised to send their offer tonight to the board. The loans will not have any required specific payback date to aid PPI to get ThinkTwice2 organized. So the loans will not lead to any pressure on the current board if PPI is not able to pay back with this boards budget.
  • Accept the offers?
Yes: Anders, Bastian, Thomas, Gregory, Koen, Stathis
  • MOTION: In order to get Smári McCarthy as speaker at TT214 it's suggested to refund up to € 400,- of his travel and accomodation costs.
Yes: Koen, Anders,
Abstained: Gregory, Bastian, Thomas, Stathis
Alternates: Yasin: Yes
Motion did not pass.
A rephrased motion is to be expected in due time. It shall be decided upon using the tool: "postal vote".
Koen has to leave the meeting at this point.

8 PPI GA 2015

  • Votes:
  • Warsaw (total 6 votes)
1 PP-DE 2014-07-10
2 PP-CH 2014-05-15
3 PP-PL 2014-07-21
4 BELARUS 2014-07-21
5 PP-RO 2014-07-21
6 PP-NO 2014-07-21
  • Milano (total 2 votes)
1 PP-IT 2014-07-17
2 PP-GR 2014-07-21
  • Tallin (total 4 votes)
1 PP-BE 2014-07-13
2 PP-TR 2014-07-20
3 PP-EE 2014-07-21
4 PP-LU 2014-07-21
  • Iceland (total 2 votes)
1 PP-CA 2014-07-21
2 PP-CAT 2014-07-21
  • None of the above (total 1 vote)
1 PP-UK 2014-07-21 (abstained)
  • Motion: to accept the vote of our members for the location of the next GA 2015 to be in Warsaw
  • Votes:
Yes: Thomas, Stathis, Gregory, Anders, Bastian < :-( >
Alternates: Yasin: Yes
  • Result: Motion passed - the next GA will be in Warsaw, Poland.
The dates of the conference will be decided on a later meeting. (as we have cleared the availability of the venue)
  • Motion:
Shall the the Warsaw location be scouted? (Scouted by Bastian with checklist for conferences and Thomas being part of the last GAs as an internal to secure a valid location?)
Yes: Gregory, Thomas, Stathis, Bastian
Abstain: Anders,
Remark: No expenses.
Tomasz PP-PL says on Skype 22:55 CEST that 04-05 July 2015 will be perfect for PP-PL.

9 Financial Situation

Content of the cash box: 358,06 EUROs.
(Remark from Anders: "Yayyyy!")
outstanding expenses: 120 Euros to Maxime for PPI GA Paris and 245€ for travel reimburcement for 1st ThinkTwice - so we are at Minus seven euros.
we have a bond letter (a deficit garantee) from PP-DE for the first ThinkTwice conference that we need to pull.

10 PPI Headquarter

postponed due to the postal votes mentioned above.



12 AOB (being urgent)

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2014/08/05 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 23:06 CEST by Thomas Gaul