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  • --- 12/07/2015 18:00 h CEST ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2015-07-12

Record of the meeting

  • Audio recordings none


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: pakki, cbj, Karla, Andrew (20:00)

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Anders, Koen, Nikolay, Gregory (19:00)


Meeting opened at 18:00 CEST by Patrick
Meeting closed at 20:25 CEST by Patrick
Meeting chaired by all of us
Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
Quorum not necessary
Streaming started: none
Recording started: none
Postal votes: none

3 - Agenda Items

Please complete your contact data:

Doodle for next meeting:

Access for the new members of the PPI board:

Accounts to:

  • website (drupal)
  • password db
  • crm
  • redmine
  • email / google drive
  • mailing list memberships (board ml)
  • own cloud
  • pad
  • admin rights to wiki
  • calendar
  • parrot
  • PPI collection
  • paypal: currently registered to Maybe best to change this to treasurer@ppi ? (there was already one paypal account registered to treasurer@ppi, opened by nicholas sahlquist - only he has access, as the password reset process requires to answer secret questions... may be there could be another way with paypal to request the password reset...)

write the minutes of PPI HQ Assembly and deposit them with the chamber of commerce / greffe as outlined here:

What already been done:

  • updated the wiki
  • created the ppi email accounts for everyone (check your email for activation email)
  • updated the board mailing list
  • updated the coa distribution list

TODO Board (statutory or otherwise decided by the GA)

  • elect treasurer among the board members
  • elect chief administration officer (CAO) among board members (who will also be the secretary general of PPI HQ)
  • get the details collected from the new officers of PPI HQ (Passport numbers, date of issue, day and place of birth, etc)
  • issue / modify a Rules of Procedure for the Board
    • create provisions for the adminission of supporter members
  • prepare the call for hosts for the next PPI GA
  • prepare the call for hosts for the PPI Standing Committees meetings
  • decide about the continuation of the PPI ThinkTwice conference series
  • open a bank account for PPI HQ, alternatively PPI (One that follows the organisation and not individual board members or members' accounts)

4 - A.O.B.

Gregory Engels (PP-DE) applies for the first supporter membership with PPI.

(I want to be the number 0ne)

Pakki had an interview with a local journalist from NRZ from Dusseldorf.

Gregory asks about participation at Pirate Summer Event to members of the board:

Meeting Closed: 20:25 CEST by
Next Meeting 14/07/2015 22:00 CEST