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This page chronologically lists internal decisions of PPI General Assembly.

Resolutions, Election of officials, Member admissions and Statutes changes are listed on separate pages.

1st General Assembly (Friedrichshafen, DE)

Rules of Procedure

Accepted 1st Rules of Procedure.<ref></ref>

As the rules were provisional, they are no longer valid. Permanent RoP were passed later.

Annual fees

The General Assembly decided that the annual fees would have to be paid on a voluntary basis.<ref></ref>


The General Assembly has resolved as follows:<ref></ref>

  • 1. The bank accounts of the Pirate Parties International and its headquarters shall be transparent for the public. The transparency includes the display of the details of all financial transactions.
  • 2. The resolution shall be specified and executed by the Board in no more than three months from the day when this resolution takes effect.
  • 3. This resolution is binding and takes effect upon publication.

2nd General Assembly (Prague, CZ)

nothing.<ref>PPI Conference 2012/Proposals#Policies and standards of the pirate movement</ref><ref>PPI Conference 2012/Proposals#General policy PPI</ref><ref>PPI Conference 2012/Proposals#PPI internal regulation</ref>

3rd General Assembly

Rules of Procedure

The General Assembly accepts its new Rules of Procedure.<ref>PPI Conference 2013/GA meeting/Minutes#10:00 - Vote on the Rules of Procedure (RoP)</ref>

Current Rules of Procedure for meetings of General Assembly are now kept here

Membersip fees

Nothing has passed.<ref>PPI Conference 2013/GA meeting/Minutes#MOP-4 revisited (proposal on setting the membership fee)</ref>

4th General Assembly (Paris, FR)

Change the financial year

The General Assembly mandates the board to change the financial year to 1st January till 31st December.<ref>Minutes of GA 2014#MOP 5</ref><ref>PPI Conference 2014/Other proposals#MOP-5</ref>

Quaterly report of Lay Auditors

Until the next GA, the current GA mandates the newly elected treasurer to report periodically on a 3-month basis (by the calendar quartals) to all members about the current state of the improvement of current and past accounting.<ref>Minutes of GA 2014#MOP 6</ref><ref>PPI Conference 2014/Other proposals#MOP-6</ref>

Until the next GA, the current GA mandates the newly elected lay auditors to review the data provided on a 3-month basis and discusses it with the treasurer. These lay auditors are then obliged to send an opinion report to all PPI members within three weeks.<ref>Minutes of GA 2014#MOP 6</ref><ref>PPI Conference 2014/Other proposals#MOP-6b</ref>

Membership fees

The General Assembly resolved on their fees as follows:

The fee is calculated as follows:
  • The actual HDI[1] of a country is taken as a exponent to 50 to get the basis fee.
  • This basis fee is multiplied with following factors:
    • for each elected pirate on national level times two,
    • for each elected member of a regional parliament times 1/5,
    • and for each elected member on a local level times 1/10.
  • This multiplied values are then added to the basis value.
  • For the calculation it is non discriminatory if the pirate is holding a mandate in the executive or legislative brunch.
  • Parties with less than 500 members can pay as much as they want, but more than 0€.
  • There are no penalties for not paying.
  • Observer membership is not associated with any costs.
  • The first fees are due for the next financial year.<ref>Minutes of GA 2014#MOP 4 (membership fees)</ref>

This decision was rendered invalid by decision of CoA.<ref>PPI CoA/PPI CoA Ruling 2014-1</ref>

online General Assembly march 2015

Rules of Procedure

General Assembly admended its rules for online meetings.<ref>Minutes_of_Online_GA_2015#RoP</ref>

Membership fees

The General Assembly resolved as follows:

Acording of art. XVI of PPI Statutes[1], General Assembly determines the calculation of Affiliation Fees as follows:
  1. The actual HDI[2] of a country is taken as an exponent to 50 to get the basis fee in €.
  2. This basis fee is multiplied by following factors:
    • for each elected pirate on national level times two,
    • for each elected member of a regional parliament times 1/5,
    • and for each elected member on a local level times 1/10.
  3. This multiplied values are then added to the basis fee.
For the calculation it is non-discriminatory if a pirate is holding a mandate in the executive or legislative branch.
Affiliation fee shall not excess 1% of the member's annual income for the previous financial year.
Observer membership is not associated with any costs.
No member shall contribute more then 20% of all PPI's due fees.
The first fees are due the next financial year. This calculation of Affiliation Fees is valid for following years unless decided otherwise.

General Assembly furthermore (according to art. X(h) of PPI Statutes[3]) decides that:
  • PPI will display all the details of all the transactions, as previously decided on 1st General Assembly meeting.[4]
  • PPI is obliged to publish all the bank statements of all the accounts online [5]
  • Until these transparency requirements are fullfilled, members are not obliged to pay their membership fees for that year

Policy in treaty negotiation process

We call on the General Assembly to defer any policy motion to a proper treaty negotiation track.

Standing Committees

The General Assembly decided as follows:

The Board is given the duty to take the necessary steps in order to establish a standing committee infrastructure within PPI.

At least, the following committees are to be established:
  • standing committee on public and press relations, elections and campaigning,
  • standing committee on new parties,
  • standing committee on INGO relations,
  • standing committee on PPI budget, oversight, transparency, finances and fund raising,
  • standing committee on common political program.
Each ordinary member of PPI may have at least one seat in all of the standing committees. This includes one standing member and up to two deputies. The Board of PPI should take committee recommendations into consideration, when making decisions.
Each standing committee should convene two to four times per calender year on a regular basis.
Every standing committee should have a support of a PPI board member who is responsible for it.
All committees will have at least one meeting prior to the Warsaw conference 2015.

Individual ‘Global Pirate Membership’ from supporters

PPI should cultivate a global identity amongst Pirate supporters by soliciting individual membership fees equivalent to €10 per year. Member Parties are encouraged to solicit PPI supporter membership during their own regular campaigns.

Implementation of online eDemocracy system

The PPI General Assembly should commit to the implementation of an online eDemocracy system with the powers of a GA, as stated in the Statutes, XI.4.<ref>Statutes#XI._Voting</ref>
The Board is given the duty to take the necessary steps in order to implement that system before 30.06.2015.

5th General Assembly (Warsaw, PL)

Rules of Procedure

General Assembly amended its RoP by the article 7.2.e

Political Manifesto

The Assembly of the Members of Pirate Parties International

- Considering the growing number of Pirate Parties worldwide,

- Recognising the political autonomy and diversity of PPI Members,

- Acknowledging PPI being a global organisation that is concerned with the whole world and not only with the regards of the developed world,

- Pursuing the goal of strengthening the global pirate identity across the globe,

- Noting the effort that went into the creation of the "Manifesto of the European Pirate Party",

- Acclaiming the constitution of the Standing Committee on Common Political Program,

strives to come up within a year, with a proposal for a political manifesto to be included as part of the statutes of the Pirate Parties International, that should then be approved by consensus by the General Assembly.

eDemocracy system decisions

The initiatives winning on the eDemocracy system shall be considered binding decisions of the General Assembly.

continue quarterly reports by the treasurer

Until the next GA, the current GA mandates the newly elected treasurer to report periodically on a 3-month basis (by the calendar quartals) to all members about the current state of the improvement of current and past accounting.

Mandate new board to come up with new regulations to avoid a second Thinktwice situation

Until the end of September 2015, the current GA mandates the newly elected board to write at least one regulation for the internal board regulations and consider an additional statute proposal in order to avoid a financially desastrous situation as has occurred with the ThinkTwice 2015 conference

6th General Assembly (Berlin, DE)

Motion on the rules of procedure to allow voting utilizing mumble for remote participants.

Only statutes and motions that were passed by vote are listed. The original statue amendments and motions are available at these pages: Statute Ammendments, Motions,

Composition of the Board

SAP-1 Composition of the Board: Removed point 5 from section XII.Board (5) "To safeguard the diversity and the international character of the organization only one officer of the same nationality may be elected in the board of PPI. If two nominees of the same nationality would receive the needed votes to be appointed in the board only the nominee first elected in case of sequential elections or the nominee with the most votes in case of a simultaneous election will be appointed."

Name and Seat

SAP-2 Name and Seat: Seat was added to the charter. (1) The name of the association is Pirate Parties International. The official abbreviation is PPI. (2) The association is not for profit. The rights and duties of the association and its Members shall be disjunct. (3) The seat of the association is Geneva, Switzerland.

Functions of the Board

SAP-4 XIII. Functions of the Board: Adapted from the former language of co-chairmen to the current makeup of a vice chairman. (5) The Chairman or the vice chairman convenes, opens, suspends, and closes the sessions and meetings and presides over them to ensure the observance of procedure, communicates the points of concern, and informs the Board about absences. In the absence of both Chairmen another Member of the Board may be appointed to perform all these functions by the rest of the board.

Rotating Terms for Board Members

SAP-5 XII. BoardAdded a rotating system by electing every year only a part of the board and having members that are elected for two years. (2) The Board and the Alternate Members are elected for two years by the General Assembly at the regular sessions or if an extraordinary session is requested for that purpose. (2a) This rule applies only once: At the next regular session, every secondary seat of the Board and the Alternate Board - according to the number of their previous votes - will be new elected due to establish a rotating system. In case of a tie at the previous votes a decision is taken by drawing lot.

Mailing Lists

MO-5 Mailing Lists (MO-5 Sponsored by PP-BE. Motion to ask the board to look into the functioning of the mailinglists and take actions accordingly to ensure a good functioning.) "Only inofficial business (speakers, discussion, workshops)."


7th General Assembly November 2017 (Geneva, Switzerland -> Online)

Full Review of the statutes

MO-1 :Full Review of the statutes of PPI Presented by PPCH. Delegate to the board a full review of the statutes of PPI covering coherence, wording and structure. This does not have to do with what is described in the statutes. It merely has to do with the language to make it easier for a reader. The goal is to have a document that we can present at the next GA. We prepared the statute amendments. We need to present them to our constituents with sufficient time to review, so we will not vote on them in this meeting. However, we do want to bring everyone's attention to the proposed revisions that are available at the above pad. Revisions were proposed in regards to grammar and syntax, as well as content. These revisions should be voted on separately.

Minutes of the meeting

8th General Assembly November 2018 (Munich, Germany)

Affiliation fees

  • This is proposal for member affiliation fees, it will remove all previous affiliation fee rules;
  • Affiliation are made for a 4-Tier Membership Fee System. The Four Tiers are as follows: 1) Mature, 2) Established, 3) Emerging, 4) Nascent. Each member category would have a distinct affiliation fee payment. No member shall pay more than 2% of their previous annual income. This would apply to the affiliation fees that are due in 2019.
    • Mature members are Established members that also receive regular state funding, have elected officials at state or regional level, and/or have elected officials at local level who receive compensation. (fulfill at least two)
    • Established members are Emerging members that also have paying members and run for elections on a regular basis.(fulfill all)
    • Emerging members are Nascent members that also collect donations. (fulfill all)
    • Nascent members have regular statutory activities, such as general assemblies and run activism projects. (fulfill all)
    • Mature would pay 1000 euros.
    • Established would pay 185 euros.
    • Emerging would pay 50 euros.
    • Nascent would pay 0 euros.

Aproval of the 2019 Budget

  • Accompaniing statement: "Any member wishing to apply a limit of 2% to their affiliation fees shall provide a correct and full information on its membership base, income and electoral percentage to the board before the end of June of the fiscal year. Provisional figures may be provided and corrected figures provided at a the end of a year."

New vote tool

  • 1. Tasks the Board to evaluate Congressus
    • a) as the tool for remote elections and voting on the points of General assembly meetings (St. XI (6)),
    • b) as a permanent online e-Democracy system (St. XI (4)),
    • c) as a tool for online General Assembly meetings,
    • d) as a tool for Board meetings,
  • and report its findings within 3 months to Members.
  • 2. If the Board finds Congressus applicable in its report, it shall prepare it for use in such cases on PPI servers within 2 months after the report's release.


Minutes of the meeting Minutes

09th General Assembly December 2019 (Online)

Working group on pirate governance codex

The General Assembly of the Pirate Parties International calls the board to organize a working group to create a proposal for a Pirate Governance Codex. The working group should be open to all pirates and also invite external subject matter experts. The working group should present this proposal at the next GA.

Join the Save .ORG campaign

The General Assembly signs and adheres to the 2 campaign.

Endorsement of “Contract for the Web”

The General Assembly of Pirate Parties International supports and endorse the “Contract for the Web”

Minutes of the meeting

Day 1: PPI Minutes 2019 12 07
Day 2: PPI Minutes 2019 12 08

10th General Assembly May 2020 (Online)

Statute amendements

Clarity and Technicals

General Assembly of PPI changes Art. XII. of its Statutes as follows:

  1. remove (2a) and change (5) to: "(5) To establish a rotating system, five positions in the Board are elected on even years and four on odd years.",
  2. change (3) to: "(3) The Board is composed of __nine Board Members as follows__:",
  3. remove "and" from (4),
  4. in (6) change "positions" to "offices".

Number of alternates and term limit

General Assembly of PPI changes Art. XII. number (7) of its Statutes to:

  • (7) There shall be Alternate Members of the Board. If one seat of the Board becomes vacant, one of the Alternate Members shall follow-up according to an ordered list. If Alternate Member follows-up to a position, they do so for the remainder of time till the next GA.

Reduce number of members

General assembly tasks the Board to propose exclusion or suspension of membership of Members that were not active in PPI within last 3 years to Court of Arbitration as outlined in Art. VII of Statutes within 3 months from now.

Move rules to Github

General Assembly tasks the Board to move all PPI’s Statutes and all other its rules and bylaws to a self-hosted Git server with an HTTP interface available, chosen by the board, where changes can easilly be proposed, discussed, changed and adopted.


Minutes of the meeting Minutes