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The Pirate Parties International (abbreviated PPI) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that exists to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between pirate parties around the world. PPI was founded in 2006 and was declared a 'Feitelijke vereniging' (or unincorporated association) under Belgian law[1] on 19th October, 2009 when we registered a bank account with Triodos Bank in Belgium. On 18th April, 2010 the Pirate Parties International was formally founded in Brussels at the PPI Conference from April 16th to 18th.

Here is the chance to make the contact more intensive, help the other pirates to found new pirate parties (in countries where there isn't a Pirate Party) or help to found a European pirate party.

This Wiki is also a part of the Pirate Parties International.

organizational information
Name (abreviation): Pirate Parties International (PPI)
Intended headquarter: Brussels, Belgium
Status: active
Slogan: For the promotion and support of pirate parties around the world
Co-Chairmen: Gregory Engels, Lola Voronina
Chief of Administration: Travis McCrea
Chief of Finances: Ed Gerarghty
Member of the board: Jelena Jovanova
Member of the board: Denis Simonet
Member of the board: Nuno Cardoso
phone: -

Discussion / Communication