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party information
Name (abreviation): ΚΟΜΜΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΤΩΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ (PP-GR)
Country: Greece
Status: active
Founded: January 2012
Registered: Registered as an official political party
Foundingplace: Athens
Slogan: Vote for you!
President (4-month term): Athanasios Gounaris
Treasurer : Georgios Misoulis
International Coordinator: Antonios Motakis
Campaign finance: 37075.69 € (2012)
Headquarters: Vasilikis 6 & Libona (1st floor), Αthens, 10560
phone: 0030 210 3317900

The Pirate Party of Greece (official abbrevation: PP-GR) is the only pirate party in Greece so far.


In January 2012 the party was founded and on 10.2.2012 was officially registered before the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos).


Head office in Athens, while other venues are springing up throughout the country. There are also 3 regional offices founded according to PP-Gr's Constitution. Still most activity happens within Liquid Feedback, various mailing lists and other online tools.


National Elections

1. May 2012 0,51%

2. June 2012 0,23%


  • To help the formation of PP-EU for a strong battle in the EU Parliament.
  • To get Greek Pirates elected in the EU Parliament in 2014.


The Pirate Party is politically active for the rights of citizens and especially interested in free culture, copyright and privacy within and outside the network. More in and


The party is run by a Board and a Court of Arbitration solves internal disputes. The Members Body (all members form the Members Body) has an extensive authority to decide on literally everything via LiquidFeedback.


  • [2] MORE FOR PP-GR (in english)