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Name (abreviation): Piratenpartei Österreichs (PPÖ)
Country: Austria
Status: active
Founded: 9th July 2011
Registered: n/a
Foundingplace: Innsbruck
Slogan: Freies Wissen! Freie Kultur! Freie Menschen!
(Free Knowledge! Free Culture! Free People!)
Chairman: Patryk Kopaczynski
Vice-President: inexistent
Treasurer : Andrea Grasserbauer
Secretary General: inexistent
Political Secretary: inexistent
International Coordinator: inexistent
Members: possibly 30
Percentage of women: n/a
Campaign finance: -
5 state organisations
Headquarters: Vienna
phone: +41 44 5151147
+43 720 703252
+49 60 211304197
(whichever is the cheapest for you)
eMail: bundesvorstand [at] piratenpartei [dot] at

The Piratenpartei Österreichs (official abbrevation: PPÖ) is the pirate party of Austria.


The first party, founded by Florian Hufsky, offically registered in July 2006.

The first effort to contest an election in 2006 failed due to a lack of letters of support. On March 14, 2010, the PPÖ ran for municipal elections for its first time in the city of Bregenz and received 1.62% votes, but not enough for a seat.

In 2011 internal conflicts lead to a breakup of the pirate party Austria.

A new pirate party was founded on the 9th July 2011.


The new party is currently organising.


  • Board (5 members, including chairman)
  • Financial and member administration (2 members, including treasurer)
  • Party's council
  • Council of federal states
  • Federal state organizations
  • Task forces

Federal state organizations

There are 5 out of 9 possible state organisations in:

  • Salzburg
  • Tirol
  • Upper Austria
  • Vienna
  • Vorarlberg



Program (German)