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Information on the party
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Name (abreviation): Česká pirátská strana (Piráti)
Country: Czech Republic
Status: active
Founded: 20.4.2009
Registered: 17.6.2009
Foundingplace: Hořenice 17, Jaroměř
Slogan: „The Internet is our sea“
Members: 1029(26.1.2020)
Percentage of women:
Campaign finance: 4 000 000 Kč (155 506 €) (2018)
14 regional organizations
52 local organization
Headquarters: Řehořova 943/19 130 00 Praha 3
phone: -
eMail: (
Chairman: Ivan Bartoš
Vice-Chairpersons: Olga Richterová, Mikuláš Peksa, Redek Holomčík, Jakub Michálek
Secretaries: Jiří Rezek, Marek Nečada, František Kopřiva, Petr Tkadlec, Dana Balcarová [1]
Treasurer: Jaromír Beránek
Administrative executive: Martin Kučera
PR executive: Mikuláš Ferjenčík
International relations executive: Markéta Gregorová
Technical executive: in-election
HR executive: Jana Rohová
Chairman of the audit commitee: Michaela Skokanová
Chairman of the arbitration committee: František Navrkal

The Česká pirátská strana (official abbrevation: Piráti, formally ČPS) is the pirate party of the Czech Republic.


Officialy registered by the Czech Ministry of Interior (17th June 2009). In October 2009 new presidium was elected. The charter of the party was changed on 7 December 2009 to incorporate new executive organs and local organizations.


The party collected enough money to run in the preliminary parliamentary elections due in October 2009 (almost 10 000 Euro). The elections were postponed till May 2010. Party got 0,80 % with 42 323 votes.

In 2012 Party nominated candidate Libor Michálek was elected into state senate.

The party submitted a candidate list in all 14 regions of the Czech Republic. Party got 2,19% with 57 805 votes.

In 2013 party run in parlimentary elections and got 2,66 % with 132 417 votes. For this, it recieved 13 241 700,- CZK (478 500 €) in state subsidies.

In European parlamentary elections 2014, party got 4,78% with 72 514 votes and 2 175 420,- CZK in state subsdies.

In municipal elections in 2014, party gain 21 seats and siezed mayor of town Mariánské lázně. It also got 4 seats in Council of Capital city Prag.


The Czech Pirate Party works hard to keep the International Visitors updated and translate all the documents.


The party is strengtening its organisation preparing for regional elections which will be held in 2016.


Key topics for Czech Pirate Party are copyright reform, privacy rights, fight against corruption through open systems of public commissions and accounting, and direct democracy.


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