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Pirates belarus logo.png
Name (abreviation): Пиратский Центр Беларуси
Country: Belarus
Status: active
Founded: 14.9.2012
Registered: not registered
Foundingplace: Minsk
Slogan: „Download! Crypt! Change yourself!“
Members: 24
Headquarters: Minsk
The ship's crew
Captain: Mikhail Volchek
Navigator: Marina Kostylianchenko
Motorist: Siarhey Yaumenau
Radioman: Sviatlana Yermakovich


Pirates Center is not registered organization that was founded in Minsk at the end of 2012. It is the third attempt to create pirates movement in Belarus. We permanently increase knowledge base about governance theory and social shifts on the planet. We also the copyright, civil rights, patents, anonymous movement.


Pirates Center organize and coordinate CryptoParties


Today we organize public lections, discussions, video sets. Our plans:

  • CryptoParties
  • meeting with informal creativists
  • taking part in IT-conferences
  • audio sets with pirates of different countries
  • learning copyright laws
  • localization of articles, video subs into russian and belarusian languages
  • writing reviews
  • making polls
  • gathering information for libraries and media base


Our valuables and aspirations:

  • openness and transparency of government decision-making
  • common available high-speed Internet
  • the right to privacy on the internet and in the real world
  • free and open knowledge for everyone
  • free public transport for all
  • open software in the public sector, education and culture
  • social innovations
  • person-oriented economics, rather than GDP growth
  • dismounting of today’s “copyright”
  • available medical service and medicines

Our task is to unite and organize like-minded people in effective Belarus Pirate Community, which can promote these values in the society, thereby changing the world and taking part in its transformation.