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Party Information
Name (abreviation): Pirate Party UK (PPUK)
Country: UK
Status: Registered
Registered: 30.06.2009
Slogan: Sharing is caring!
Party Leader: Loz Kaye
Campaigns Manager: Andy Halsall
Party Treasurer: Shaun Daley
Nominating Officer: Phil Cooke
Members: 748 (31.12.2012)
Percentage of women: Numbers unavailable
Annual Spending: £19,059.52 (31.12.2012)
1 national organisation
Headquarters: 26 Cleveland St, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, S6 3JB
phone: Press: +44 (0)161 987 7880
eMail: Executive committee:, Board of Governors:, press enquiries:

Pirate Party UK (official abbreviation: "PPUK") is the pirate party of the United Kingdom.


National Executive Committee

  • Leader: Loz Kaye
  • Treasurer: Shaun Daley
    • Finance Officer: Sam Clark
  • Campaigns Manager: Andy Halsall
  • Deputy Campaigns: Jack Allnutt
  • Nominations Officer: Phil Cooke
  • Party Secretary: Leanne Ainsworth
  • IT Team Leader: Steve Wilson

Board of Governors

  • Stephen Ogden
  • Will Tovey
  • Peter Brett
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Phil Hunt
  • Jack Allnutt
  • Harley Faggetter
  • Liam Dolman
  • Craig Garsed
  • Sam Clark

Official status

The party is officially registered.

Electoral results

PPUK has run candidates in the following elections, in chronological order:

May 2010, UK parliamentary election, 9 candidates.

September 2010, Edinburgh council by-election, 1 candidate.

May 2011, Scottish parliamentary election, ran in 2 regions.

May 2011, England and Wales local government elections, 1 candidate.

May 2012, United Kingdom local government elections, 6 candidates.

Nov 2012, Manchester Parliamentary by-election, 1 candidate.

October 2013, Manchester Ancoats and Clayton local by-election, 1 candidate.