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Name (abreviation): Partido Pirata Peruano (
Country: Peru
Status: aktiv
Founded: 28.10.2006
Foundingplace: Lima
Slogan: ???
Chairman: ???
Vice-President: ???
Treasurer : ???
Secretary General: ???
Political Secretary: ???
International Coordinator: ???
Members: ???(
Percentage of women: ~??% Percent (
Campaign finance: ???€ (2007)
??? departemental organisations
??? provincial organisations
??? local associations
Headquarters: Partido Pirata Peruano

??? Cit<

phone: +???
eMail: ???@???.pe

The Partido Pirata Peruano (official abbrevation: is the pirate party of Peru.




Seats in CODESI

The Commission for the Development of the Information Society (CODESI) was established in June 2003 and is in charge of elaborating a Plan and activities to develop the Information Society in Peru. This Commission is composed by representatives from government, civil society, academic institutions and private sector. CODESI has been assigned two seats to Cultura Libre (we are representatives from the academic community).

CODESI has created six working boards. We are members of the Board 3: Development and application of ICT’s in social programs. There are 40 seats in the Board 3. They are representatives from government, civil society, academic institutions and private organizations. Representatives from the civil society are: The Peruvian Association of Free Software (APESOL), The Peruvian Association of Consumers and many NGOs.

There are not any polity party representatives in CODESI. Why? because traditional parties dont care. There are not representatives from polity parties in other government organizations like The National Council for Science and Technology (CONCYTEC) or The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi).


OSIPEL Election

The is seeking to run for OSIPTEL users board elections on 2007. OSIPTEL is the government organization responsible for promoting the growth of telecommunications services in Peru.



The Peruvian Pirate Party goal is to help government organizations make better use of ICTs so that they can improve the standards of living of the peruvian people, the need for protection of citizen's rights and promote changes in copyright and patent regulations.

It is planning to have respresentatives in CODESI, INDECOPI, CONCYTEC and many government projects and of course to have representatives in the Parlament and it is going to be a new option for the 2011 elections.


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