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Party Information
Name: Korsan Parti Türkiye
Abreviation: First and Second: KP
Third (Current): KPT
Country: Turkey
Status: First: Closed
Second: Inactive
Third (current): In process of refoundation.
Founded: First: 26.08.2009
Second: 06.07.2010
Third (current): 30.01.2021
Registered: Not Registered (Co-operates with several registered organizations)
Foundingplace: Istanbul
Slogan: Özgür Bilgi, Özgür Toplum!
Position: First and Second:
Third (current):
Left-wing to far-left
Founder: First: Serdar Kuzuoğlu, İsmail Hakkı Polat
Second: Serhat Koç, Barış Büyükakyol
Second (reignition): Mehmet Şafak Sarı
Third: Tan Siret Akıncı
Leader: First:
Serdar Kuzuloğlu
Collective leadership (de-jure)
Şevket Uyanık, Arda Çetin (de-facto)
Third (current): Tan Siret Akıncı
Campaign finance: None.
Korsan Ocakları

Pirate Party Turkey (Korsan Parti Türkiye), or PPTR (KPT) is a political organization in Turkey.


First Generation (2009-2010)

Serdar Kuzuloğlu started the Pirate Party of Turkey movement in August 26, 2009.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref> Over the call of Kuzuloğlu, İsmail H. Polat who was busy on a documentary about Pirate Party of Sweden joined the foundation process. After the positive feedback over the open call of the party, the two initiated the organizing process and contacted Pirate Party of Sweden for suggestions. After hearing their experience and gathering their suggestions, the party tried to synthesize the pirate ideology to local culture and finally started the movement on the net. The website and pages in various social media platforms are opened to appeal to the biggest audience possible. In addition to that, a Pirate Bulletin is opened over Google Groups. At the end of 2009, nearly 3.000 people interacted with Pirate Party of Turkey.<ref></ref>

After the infighting and overall difficulty of Turkish political party laws, the movement withered away by time.

Second Generation (2010-2017)

Serhat Koç withdrew people who were members of the group by interacting with the Google group of the Pirate Party, which lost its activity after 2010.<ref></ref> Following Serhat's 2-year organizing process within the group, the party was introduced to the public under the leadership of Serhat Koç, Şevket Uyanık and Barış Büyükakyol in 2013<ref></ref>, and the first open meeting was held on Saturday, in August 10, 2013, at 14:00 for the establishment of the party.<ref></ref> As a result of the failure of the establishment of the party like the past Pirate Party period, the existence of the organization as an association and under the name of Pirate Party Movement was accepted by an overwhelming majority. The movement took part in the Open Coalition that prepared the Deputy Integrity Pledge signed by Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in 2015.<ref></ref> During this period, it became clear that the Pirate Party would not compete in the current politics aimed at power, or would not go the traditional right-left distinction, but would direct the politics from outside in line with its principles, adopting a syncretic line when it comes to policies.

The movement was divided into two due to corruption incidents as of 2016, and many people, including Serhat Koç left the organization. Even though the several people like Mehmet Şafak Sarı attempted to revive the divided movement during this period, no success was achieved. The reorganization of the movement came to the fore with the opening of a new Pirate Party Twitter account and website in early 2021.<ref></ref><ref></ref>

Third Generation (2021-current)

Tan Siret Akıncı, with the support of Mehmet Şafak Sarı, started a mass refoundation campaign of Pirate Party in Turkey by calling old pirates and new digital freedom movements. By participation of various people from different backgrounds, Tan quickly formed a Refoundation Comittee responsible for administration of the party until a proper constitution is set. By short amount of time, the new Pirate Party got attention of various groups, mostly anarchists, which joined the party and made up a big part of the community. At first there were no major disagreements within the group, but as the party started to do stuff the opposition arose. The first disagreement was about if making elections was generating a dictatorship of the majority or not. It was also asked if Refoundation Comittee was democratic or not.


Civil Rights and Liberties

Pirate Party of Turkey (PPTR) favors the civil right to information privacy and reforms of copyright, education, computer science and genetic patents as well as promotion of copyright and usage/development of free software. PPTR promotes in particular an enhanced transparency of government. PPTR is a community existed to defend the internet as a realm unrestricted and free of phishing. For global, free and open internet, The PPTR will keep on organizing and supporting protests against the mechanisms of censor, and mechanisms which help to control and trace online privacy.

Civil Disobedience

According to PPTR, civil disobedience movements located on the internet, tries to attract the attention about the concerns and priorities about the fundamental rights and freedoms. The PPTR supports freedom of expression with regard to the to basic ideas, arguments and intellectual viewpoints are motivated by the concept of freedom of information. PPTR is impartial, independent and does not include any form of hierarchy and existed through the motive of “defending freedoms”.

Transparency of Politics

The Pirate Party Turkey (PPTR) (Korsan Parti Türkiye) is a not yet officially formed political party movement in Turkey. Third (current) PPTR is not supported neither financially nor physically by any form of institutions/ foundations, while Pirate Party Movement (Korsan Parti Hareketi), the inactive remnant of second PPTR, is tied to TBID and not transparent about its transactions.

PPTR’s actions are performed by individuals who are not “satisfied” with the announcements and explanations of BTK and TIB (the institutions operating the censor mechanisms) and also who tries to tell the world their positions against censorship. PPTR thinks that more transparency reduce the corruption. Politicians controlled by the people shall be better. All transparency ends where privacy starts.

Open Access

The party opposes the dismantlement of civil rights especially on the Internet and other means of communication. The Party also opposes Turkey’s view on Internet censorship and various measures of surveillance of citizens. The PPTR supports freedom of expression on Internet.

Infrastructure Monopoly

The PPTR supports freedom of expression with regard to the to basic ideas, arguments and intellectual viewpoints are motivated by the concept of freedom of information. PPTR is impartial, independent and does not include any form of hierarchy and existed through the motive of “defending freedoms”. The censorship by government agencies will be rejected.


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